Looks a lot like the top looked back in 2007?

Declining growth of consumer credit means credit driven spending isn’t adding as much to GDP this year as it did last year:


Consumer credit keeps expanding including moderate and consistent gains for credit cards. Consumer credit outstanding rose $16.0 billion in October, driven as usual by vehicle financing and student loans but also by revolving credit which is where credit-card debt is tracked. Revolving credit rose $2.3 billion in October for a year-on-year gain of 6.0 percent which is right at the peak for this cycle, last matched in July 2008. Willingness to run up credit cards may point to consumer confidence or on the other hand to stretched budgets but it’s a trend that is a plus for holiday spending.


SoftBank was going big in US long before Trump

By Ari Levy

Dec 7 (CNBC) — “Masa said he would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election!” Trump wrote.

In fact, SoftBank, along with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, announced plans in October for a technology investment fund that could reach $100 billion in size. The $50 billion Son was referencing is tied to that fund, according to The Wall Street Journal.