More US consumption of imports indicated here as well as with US trade data, as US growth continues to get downgraded post oil price collapse:

Japan’s annual exports jump most since late 2013 in boost to economy

Feb 18 (Reuters) — Japan’s annual exports in January jumped the most since late 2013. The 17.0 percent year-on-year gain in exports marked the fifth straight month of increase, supported by brisk shipments of cars to the United States and of electronics parts to Asia. The export data followed a 12.8 percent rise in December.

As the US demand leakages (agents spending less than their incomes) grow relentlessly, I look for the deficit spending required to sustain GDP growth. Turns out last year it came from the energy sector which ended abruptly in Q4 2014, with GDP growth sagging accordingly. And so far no sign of a credit expansion from the household sector. You can argue debt is more affordable, but not that it’s happening:






Philly Fed index falls to lowest in a year