Very positive commentary

Karim writes:

Overall index and key components (orders, employment) consolidating at a strong level; lengthening of supplier delivery times may explain strength in inventories

Nov Oct
Index 56.5 56.9
Prices paid 69.5 71.0
Production 55.0 62.7
New Orders 56.6 58.9
Supplier deliveries 57.2 51.2
Inventories 56.7 53.9
Employment 57.5 57.7
Export orders 57.0 60.5
Imports 53.0 51.5

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  1. On Wednesday, November 24, the actual Core YOY PCE for October was published by the BEA (See, current press release with full text and tables, go to table 11). The October Core YOY PCE came in at .9. The revised September Core YOY PCE remained at 1.2. The revised August Core YOY PCE remained at 1.3. July remained at 1.4 and June remained at 1.4. The October decline from 1.2 in September to .9 in October is a significant move down. Why isn’t this trend reversing?

    1. of course my theory is those pesky 0 rate policies are highly deflationary and allow for lower taxes for a given level of govt spending.
      unfortunately govs don’t know that and keep over taxing us

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