Sorry for the gap.

Power and internet down in the Valance office due to hurricane.

No other major damage. Everybody is fine.

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  1. Jorge – shame on you – I would not wish a hurricane on anyone so they could feel my pain – I was in hurricane IWA in hawaii in the early 80’s on a military base with some of the finest trained soldiers on the planet who had fought and died for each other just a decade or so earlier. Still this sacrifice and respect for each other quickly wained when the the electricity went off, the water supply was bacteria infested, and the food was not being replenished on the store shelves. We were in darkness and without food for about a week. Fights were beginning to break out over the water trucks that were brought in. Another week or 2 of this and it was certain that mean that had fought to the death for each other in vietnam were going to start killing each other over water and food for themselves and thier kids. Until you live through one of these episodes – it is hard to know how fragile society is and how quick man is reduced to animal savagery when that belly gets hungry.

    Warren my prayers are deep with you and Sada, but if Jehova doesn’t show up and save you, I won’t hold it against you to do whatever it takes to make sure you and your family survive.

  2. ?? dude relax… I love Warren, and he knows it was meant lightly. I grew up in a place that was exposed to hurricanes as well.

  3. Jorge, I just had my 8th cup of coffee and I can’t relax, I just read lachman is ready to bail out all the hedge funds too!

    Go watch that movie RAMBO, talks of hurricanes bring back my PTSD from schofield barraks and send me to a dark place where I want to shoot police figures. I am not alone in my suffering though, from senator mccain down to lowly janitors all over this country, many of us suffer from these mental ailments and are just ticking time bombs waiting to go off RAMBO style all over your civilized society – but as kennedy said – all you have to fear is fear itself. Mental health parity my ass – that won’t save you 😉

  4. Hi Jorge!

    biggest damage is my home internet is still down. wapa got power back right away, gov doing a number here!

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