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Hi Everyone!,

This is Warren B’s daughter, the one in charge of the website. I want to let everyone know what’s going on, and why everything seems so delayed.

As you may have read in the ‘Quick update‘ post, Mr Mosler had his heart cut out (a piece of the mitral valve) this morning. He is under the care of the best surgeons and nurses in the best cardiovascular hospital around (the Cleveland Clinic).

I saw him this afternoon. His surgery went very well. He was sharp, making jokes, and wanting to hear about all the macro news he had missed. He always seems to think about economics, boats, or cars; so, hearing him ask about current events was very relieving.

Tomorrow, he will leave ICU and go to ‘step-down’ for a few days. As requested, I will be there with my Bloomberg-equipped laptop. New posts and USER comments may follow.

He plans to be back to the Center of the Universe on Sunday.

I apologize for the delays. Been though a lot. I traveled far to be here to support my family.

Thank you for the flowers, cards, fruit baskets, balloons, bears, phone calls, text messages, emails, and kind words!
ps: I could tell a few of his jokes, specifically ones about non-Euclidean geometry and going on a saline trip, but I think you’d have to know him to fully appreciate.


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