This has been helping the US economy some vs the cliff thing

Gas Prices Plunge to New 2012 Low

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      1. Perhaps Dems and the White House are counting (erroneously) on QE5+. Japan here we come?

        “What would happen if the payroll cut went away entirely? The move would result in an immediate tax increase of $920 for more than 122 million workers on average, according to the non- partisan Tax Policy Center. That financial bite would slow growth by 0.6 percentage point, according to estimates by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Moody’s Corp. To put it all in context, this is about the same rate of economic lift the Federal Reserve is trying to achieve through its bond-buying program. In other words, ending the payroll-tax holiday would essentially neuter the Fed’s efforts.”

      2. @AP, It strikes me that putting out bad proposals is akin to a reporter stating a false premise in a question in order to get a reluctant witness to tell the truth in the process of contradicting the error.
        How to deal with contrarians? That is the question. If the party of no is predisposed to negate everything the President proposes, then, at least, their negativity will be exposed.
        How else to demonstrate to the country that the deprivators reside on Capitol Hill?

      1. @Vincent, I really have no idea. All I can figure is that he is convinced that the only real problem now is the sleeping confidence fairies, and that to wake them up he needs to be seen as working with the Republicans to solve the super-scary fiscal cliffhanger problem they both conspired to create. And he wants to clean the slates going into inauguration and his second term. So any POS deal will do.

  1. Warren’s phrase, “cynical subversion” is apt at this juncture in the Kafkaesque advisory services provided by Geithner to POTUS. Yet, few if any MSMers call him out on allowing the President to repeat the nonsense about “We’re Running Out of Money.” Now, we have this betrayal to raising revenue thru harvesting the senior poor. When you’re trapped into believing and acting on false premises you can only fail. As the sign reads “Too big has failed.”

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