To my great friends at AVM/III,

After 4 years in research and 20 years in sales, I am moving to trading (at Barclays). The ticker to buy puts on Barclays is “BARC LN Equity OMON”. I will be working for Ronti Pal who runs our swap and treasury desk. I will be managing a book that will (hopefully) take advantage of some of our longer term (6-12mos) strategic views. I am looking forward to this new challenge. Thankfully this is not “good-bye” as I asked to still act as a Relationship Manager for AVM. While I will not cover you guys day to day, I will still represent your interests here. So feel free to contact me for any issues. My first job in that role is to assign new capable coverage so that you are in good hands. I am happy to tell you that Colin McCleod will be filling that role with Sean Mahon as his back-up. Sean graduated from Harvard about four years ago and has developed into a motivated and capable saleperson. Sean went to Princeton and has been my right hand man for the last two years. So you have an “Ivy League” line-up 🙂 Both are personable and have high integrity.

I started talking to AVM sometime in 1992 while at JP Morgan. It has been rewarding to get to know all the talented and creative people at your shop. I will miss covering you day to day but I look forward to maintaining a dialogue with some of you.


John Lobley

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  1. John,
    I can only say that I hope in all those years you have picked up a great deal about Modern Monetary Theory and everything that Warren stands for to take it to the trading desk with you, and to implement it within your strategies and trades, and hopefully to disseminate the concepts within Barclays in an intelligent and forceful manner.
    Best reagrds and best of luck

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