FW from President Gregory Warden:

It is with great pleasure and tremendous pride that I am able to announce that the Swiss University Conference [SUK/CUS], the governing body for higher education in Switzerland, has granted Franklin College Switzerland full university institution accreditation, stating in its recent notification:

We are pleased to inform you of the positive decision made by the SUK [CUS] on April 18, 2013 regarding the accreditation of Franklin College Switzerland as a university institution.

The notice of accreditation went on to state:

The expert team is convinced that Franklin College Switzerland has gone through a major development since the last accreditation. This is largely the result of the realization of the recommendations by the 2005 OAQ expert team. Franklin College Switzerland now is better integrated within the Swiss landscape, as well as being connected within Europe. According to the expert team, it has above all strengthened its research activities. The qualifications and in particular the research activities of the faculty have significantly increased since the last accreditation.

In 2005 the Swiss University Conference granted Swiss university accreditation to all major programs of study leading to the Franklin College Bachelor of Arts degreemaking Franklin the first and only university to receive such recognition. With our new institutional accreditation, it is with even greater pride that Franklin is now the first and only university to have institutional university accreditation in both the United States and Switzerlanda distinction that will serve Franklin and its past and future graduates well.

In the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Educations expert team recommendation to the Swiss University Conference they stated that Franklin College fulfills all accreditation standards, making the following statement and recommendation:

Franklin College is an American and private institution of higher education in Europe, and thus it represents a kind of hybrid organization. It has introduced new educational principles into the European setting, it is very international by its course offerings and by its student body, and in its teaching it puts heavy emphasis on the general skills and human values, that are especially appropriate for the 21st century world. Its programs are well linked to meet the current challenges in higher education, also on a global scale. Its teaching methods are innovative and appropriate. The students also have a strong feeling of belonging to the Franklin community. The network of its alumni appears to be very active, spread all over the world. The Franklin graduates appear to be well placed especially in international companies. Its strategic goals appear very appropriate to meet the needs and challenges higher education at large is currently facing at least in Europe, but also globally. The experts group recommends accreditation of Franklin College Switzerland, without conditions.

Everyone associated with Franklin should be very proud of all that has been achieved since it was founded in 1969. This recognition is an affirmation of the quality of the institution as a whole and the hard work and contributions of so many peoplefaculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and trustees. Franklin would not be the special place it is today if it were not for each and everyones efforts on its behalf.

Thank you and best regards,

P. Gregory Warden