As Unemployment Checks Run Out, Jobless Go ‘Mad’

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      1. @Monica Smith,

        Thier mental health is really gonna go on a ride when they wake up one day and the cyber warriors have fubared all the 1’s and 0’s in thier bank accounts. We got internal fed people playing with those spreadsheets, and chinese citizens working at the fed playing with those spreadsheets, russian and chinese and isreali mossad cyber terrorists playing with those spreadsheets,MI 6, cia, fbi, hedge fund and corporate spies and then just the crazy “anonymous” genius hackers who may or may not have any agenda playing with the spreadsheets too.

        Those spreadsheets are getting played with more than a cute young lolita at a shriners convention. A cryptography expert who has worked with many large banks, who is also a professor at georgia tech has all his money under his mattress in little shiny metal round pieces, unbelievable! Maybe the ease with which you can mark 1’s and 0’s up or down in spreadsheets has made the system not so robust.

        Who Knew MR. T and his chains of gold was the smartest man on the planet.

      2. @Save America, Money is for spending. Souls are for saving. So, if you want something of value for your money, spend it.
        Dubya was actually on the right track when he sent people shopping. But, he forgot that shopping is not enough; money has to be spent.

        Odd that in talking about ownership (of a home) and shopping, Dubya left out the spending connection. One could conclude that the housing bubble collapsed because people were taking ownership without spending.
        Lending is obviously not the same as spending, though some people believe otherwise.

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