‘inflation’ there can mean a lot of people can’t afford to eat, and, hence, regime change:

Food price increases drive China’s inflation to 10-month high

March 9 (Xinhua) — China’s annual consumer inflation rebounds to a 10-month high of 3.2 percent in February on accounts of rising food prices during the Spring Festival season. On a month-on-month basis, February’s CPI gained 1.1 percent from the previous month. Food prices, accounting for nearly one-third of weighting in China’s CPI, remained a key driver of inflation in February as the Spring Festival season, which fell within that month, pushed up demands. The NBS statement said food prices jumped 6 percent last month from the same period last year, propelling the CPI up by 1.98 percentage points. But the upward trend is unlikely to sustain as the holiday effect fades off and the warming weather will help supplies, the NBS said.