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$542.5 up $21.6 from last week


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  1. Warren, is this good? When do you think my parents 401K will be ready for their retirement, they are both in there middle sixties and have lost like 60%?

    They cry a lot, why do you think the government did not fix social security and told them to invest so Wall Street could plunder there life long saving for retirement?

    I am crippled and homeless form the fall at constant velocity and cannot help them.

    Do you really think this is a fair system? Insurance systems, health care system, and most of the nation’s infrastructure is plundered, the Military Industrial Complex has turned our armed forces into corporate Hit-Men and the majority of the public is so uninformed they think it will be Obama’s fault when the poo really hits the fan!?

    Just your opinion?

  2. ECB current totals for USD$ operations:

    3 rolling 84-day auctions outstanding: $157.5B (67.5+70+20)
    28-day: $52B (Next one Dec.18)
    7-day: $57.5 (next one Dec 17)

    So they have decreased the short term funding this week.

    Totals of all outstanding auctions (3 maturities):
    $212B as of Nov 18
    $224B as of Nov 20
    $236.5 as of Nov 28
    $294B as of Dec 2
    $267B as of Dec 10

    Link here


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