Typical day for euro zone news.
Slow motion train wreck continues.


EU Finance Ministers to Face Off Over Rules to Implement Basel Ill Standards
France’s Hollande Says He Hasn’t Had Parallel Talks With Merkel
Weidmann Says Reforms Are Best Basis for Growth, Zeit Reports
European Unemployment Rate Rises to Highest in Almost 15 Years
Euro-Region Manufacturing Contracts for a Ninth Month
German Unemployment Unexpectedly Rose in April Amid Crisis
Spain Can Finance Itself, Even If Expensive, Fekter Says

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  1. Mr. Mosler:
    As I understand Professor Mitchell’s blog from Monday April 30,he seems to be implying that because of insufficient government spending the US is slipping back into recession. If I understand him correctly, I would be interested to know if you are of the same opinion. Also, if the US does fall back into recession with the propensity for austerity coming from so many sources, how long do you think it might take before we ever get more fiscal stimulus?

    1. @GLH,

      Just be clear, Fiscal Stimulus does not equal more spending.

      Fiscal Stimulus equals reduced taxation or more spending or a combination of the two.

      1. turn the graph upside down?

        why does it matter?

        Just count bodies in the unemployment line (way too many right now) and make fiscal adjustments

    2. The latest numbers are troubling. Not sure if we slip into negative GDP for two consecutive quarters, but entirely possible.
      And the response could be tax hikes and spending cuts, the way things are going. Seems the entire world’s gone mad.

  2. Warren,
    1. Do deficits of ez member states add net financial assets to the economy?
    2. Do deficits of individual states in the US add net financial assets to the economy?
    3. Do deficits of the federal govt in the US add net financial assets to the economy?

    1. that all depends on what you call a ‘sector’ and how you define ‘the economy’

      any agent’s deficit spending adds net financial assets to some other agent as his go down.

      1. @WARREN MOSLER, You can stick to the definitions of MMT with regards to ‘economy’ and ‘sectors’. Just make them explicit so that we have no misunderstandings about the terminology, semantics.

  3. Hey Warren, will you be doing the St. Croix Ironman this weekend? Say hi to Lance Armstrong 😉

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