Getting more obvious it’s ‘spreading’ much like during the sub prime days, as previously discussed?

European banks face major cash crunch

European banks may have to pare down assets to bolster capital reserves as cheap oil is taking a toll on portfolios of energy-exposed loans.

It’s slowing, whatever it is…

Labor Market Conditions Index
Payroll growth slowed in Friday’s employment report as did the Fed’s labor market conditions index, to plus 0.4 in January from a downward revised plus 2.3 in December (2.9 initially) and an upward revised plus 2.9 in November (2.8 initially). January’s reading indicates the lowest level of labor market expansion since April last year and also reflects the climbing trends in jobless claims. One big positive for the labor market, however, is the falling unemployment rate, at a recovery low 4.9 percent in January.