Like this would fix it all:

EU slams governments for not enacting growth laws

April 18 (Bloomberg) — “It is incomprehensible that member states are still not fully implementing growth-friendly legislation we have in place,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told the European Parliament. The EU’s internal market “is probably the largest engine for growth within the European Union,” Barroso said. It has to become easier to transfer pensions from state to state and the way cross-border workers are taxed needs to be simplified, the Commission said Wednesday. Job seekers should be able to receive their unemployment benefits for up to six months while they are looking for a job in another country and states should start hiring non-nationals for jobs in their public service, it added.

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  1. The flawless macroeconomics aside, Europe’s young people moving to Germany to toil cleaning their houses, making their lunches and creating manufactured parts for MiniCoopers might not be all that desirable… but hey you never know.

    1. @Ryan,

      Seems like that would be like selling off your means of generating a product to another country. Good for their GDP, bad for yours. Kind of reminds me of Zimbabwe… with Mugabe scaring off the money, then selling off the equipment.

  2. Why yes!! They could begin by importing fiscal policy from the USVI!

    As far as looking for a job in another country, Jose really should lead by example. I’m thinking might be a good place for him to start.

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