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EU Credit Default Swaps

Country 5 yr. 5 yr. 10 yr. 10 yr.
Germany 20 25 26 31
Italy 69 79 82 92
France 26 31 32 37
Spain 61 71 74 84
United Kingdom 31 41 39 49
Greece 78 88 90 100
USA 27 33 34 40
Portugal 61 71 74 84
Finland 20 30 27 37
Ireland 64 74 68 78
Netherlands 23 33 29 39
Belgium 39 49 49 59
Sweden 28 38 36 46
Austria 28 38 37 47
Norway 12 20 18 26
Denmark 30 40 37 47


7 Responses

  1. In yesterdays news g7 news conference, someone asked the question to Paulson of guaranteeing all interbank lending. He atleast acknowledged it was something that was tabled…maybe they will get there yet. I believe it was asked twice by different people.

  2. Bank A knows they have total garbage in their holdings, Bank B knows they also have total garbage, they also know all the other banks are insolvent and have total garbage and the books are all cooked. What does it matter what hammerin hank gaurantees, it’s all still garbage.

    Go to the bum at your local homeless shelter and offer him 50K loan out of your pocket and tell me it makes you feel better to do so if Hammerin Hank will gaurantee it. You know I like andy griffith, but I wouldn’t give 50K loan to the jail wino OTIS even if andy gauranteed it and the town banker and the town mayor, I just aint givin no money to OTIS no matter who gaurantees it cause I know OTIS gonna piss it away.

  3. 1. yes, it’s under consideration, and i managed to get in a suggestion that they set rates with the taf rather than quantity, and relax the collateral requirement so it’s effectively unsecured.

    they agreed that would work and said they would look into it.

    2. yes, but banks don’t hold total garbage. most banks don’t hold any. those that had losses of more than a few % of capital the reduces their capital to under 6% are closed down by the fdic.

  4. Warren says: “yes, but banks don’t hold total garbage. most banks don’t hold any.

    That is your opinion Warren, you have no facts to back that up! You haven’t looked at the books of my local 40 banks.

    I went to a couple local banks the other day, the MBA running one was a total idiot (from germany) the MBA running the other bank was from Boston – he was even more silly and shallow that the germany MBA, more worried about what his girlfriend thought of his new suit and new porsche than making good loans. The tellers in the bank were more worried about their nail job then helping me get a CD. At most of the banks near me, the entire staff has turned over 3 to 5 times within the past 2 years. The Boston MBA banker said he was moving back to Boston because the people here were trashy and the restaurants and food were disgraceful.

    And this was the HONEST banks, I went to the crooked bank in Miami where illegal aliens have been hired to give free money to MOBSTER al pacino scarface types that are also fellow illegal aliens. The people employed by these banks are disgraceful, anything controlled or managed by this garbage is also garbage – even if you say it isn’t garbage. Out of the 40 or so banks within a 5 mile radius of me, perhaps three at most have employees and managers that I consider of high integrity, moral character, and intelligence.

  5. banks with bad assets will lose all their shareholder equity, and maybe some public funds as well. hopefully the regulators figure it out and make adjustments. but maybe not.

    it’s all we got. it’s a world full of people some less skilled than others, some less honest, etc.

    i try to make proposals that place incentives so as to serve public purpose, whatever that is!

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