Endorsement of Mosler’s 3-point plan

After hearing an explanation of Modern Monetary Theory by Warren Mosler, Occupy Dallas endorses his remedy for our nation’s current economic condition:

1-cut FICA taxes to end this regressive policy and allow greater spending.
2-disbursement of federal funds to states on per-capita basis
3-guaranteed “transitional” employment for anyone seeking a job at $8/hr

We feel these proposals are simple and effective and will serve the interests of the 99% far better than any “austerity” measures being considered by politicians in both major parties.

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  1. Warren what do you call it when the “disbursement of federal funds to states on per-capita basis” is so plundered by “special interest groups” in federal, state, and local governments that it chokes off any good while feeding inflation and money markets?
    “economists” must have a term for this……….

      1. @Tom Hickey,

        I know all them words and they never seem to fit because people get upset by those words and you usually get called a conspiracy wack job. I have seen that only one out of every 35 dollars spent in DC actually get the “shovel ready” but can this be true? Is there any credible numbers? Maybe Karim or Tom have a graph or something.
        However if this is true the (insert new non offensive term here) getting the 35 dollars cannot be stupid and can see the only people who are making money in the stock market are insiders who know where QE1 QE2 and QE covert are going. You cannot even blame them for just putting it in the bank and thus adding to the problem……..inflation and such…….printing money….
        I like the other two points though and if I were “like” China or something I might think it’s honorable to stop your economic system from crashing but failure to see what I am pointing out just seems silly.

    1. If it goes to the general fund of the state with no strings attached as i’ve proposed and goes bad from there it’s up to the voters of that state to make things right.

      1. @WARREN MOSLER,

        Gosh Warren that’s down right “Ron Paul Radical” and that’s why I like you but bypassing these (insert new word) is going to upset a lot of people and even worse yet expose them. Sounds kind of “JFK” nuts.
        Then there is the states……did you see what happen up there in Wisconsin? Those people were protesting, biting big holes in each other’s cheese hats, and tearing up Brett Farve posters! And you know if you would have asked them what QE was or most of the stuff you talk about here at Mosler Economics they (Voters) would have thrown beer and brats at you.
        I am worried if they get the money and $8 and hour jobs they will build parking lots, cut down trees, and dig for coal. What if we paid them 8 bucks an hour to learn what QE, Credit Default Swaps, Lobbyists, Derivatives, and what the seven deadly Innocence frauds are?
        Then maybe Planned Obsolesce, Peak Oil, and how to live on the earth more sustainably.

  2. Hi Warren,

    Unfortunately, the OD GA has not officially endorse the lead proposals yet, due to the fact that proposals have to be submitted by the Friday before the Saturday GA.

    Ample agreement exists, but fellow members have instructed me to inform you that we still need to bring the proposals to a full vote at next Sat’s GA.

    I do apologize for the confusion, and can’t tell you how much the event meant to me personally. The number of people who I can talk to about MMT just expanded dramatically. I’m going to try to get the video edited into chunks, so that we can disburse it in doses and make it easier for folks to view. Anyways, thank you so much for going out of your way to speak with us. You can really work a crowd.

  3. If all the OWS did this, it could really give them a focus to rally around. Any one of these came about, it would have enormous on-the-ground results that OWS could point to. Sterling success would open the door to more, much more. Fingers crossed.

    Way to go!

  4. Thanks for the support.

    I encourage all MMTers to join local Occupy GA’s.

    I don’t care how weird the shit might be.

    Go down there and talk sense.

    If not OWS, who else is going to get MMT on the national debate?

    The time is now.

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