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Egyptian Government Expands Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

July 11 (FP) — Top news: Egypt’s new military-led government broadened its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday, issuing arrest warrants for nine top Brotherhood officials, including Mohamed Badie, the group’s spiritual leader. Prosecutors charged all nine with inciting violence against the military and inviting the clashes that left 51 dead on Monday outside the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guards. (Witnesses attest that the military opened fire with little provocation.) Authorities have already detained five top Brotherhood officials, including deputy leader Khairat el-Shaiter, as well as ousted President Mohamed Morsi and several of his top lieutenants.

Meanwhile, the restoration of power, disappearance of gas lines, and immediate deployment of police forces after the last week’s military takeover suggest that remnants of Hosni Mubarak’s regime played a significant role in undermining Morsy’s prior to his ouster. “This was preparing for the coup,” Naser el-Farash, a spokesman for the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade under Mr. Morsy told the New York Times. “Different circles in the state, from the storage facilities to the cars that transport petrol products to the gas stations, all participated in creating the crisis.”

Despite the unrest, American officials indicated on Wednesday that they plan to move ahead with the delivery of four new F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as part of the United States’ annual military assistance.

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NatSec: An experimental X-47B Navy drone landed successfully on the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush on Wednesday, marking the end of an eight year trial program for testing the feasibility of basing long-range drones aboard aircraft carriers. “What you saw here is the first of the next generation of naval aircraft and the amazing capabilities it will give us,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said of the bat-winged X-47B. Still, as FPreports on Killer Apps, the future of the Navy’s stealth drone program remains murky at best.