The mainstream is really grasping for straws now.
How about what the call ‘stimulus’ is in fact nothing of the sort?
Seems no amount of evidence will change their minds.
As Paul Samuelson once quipped, economics changes one funeral at a time.

Meanwhile, as previously discussed, the ECB has solved the solvency issue,
and they’re now left with just the bad economy part,
with ‘conditionality’ there to ensure the output gap never closes.

This is strong euro medicine, but US austerity and the fiscal cliff is highly
dollar friendly, and it’s all very much the same globally.

So overall it’s an ongoing case of low demand/large output gaps and self imposed global misery
with no end in sight.

Did Central Banks Blow It by Not Coordinating Stimulus?

In the space of 30 days, five major central banks took turns to deliver aggressive stimulus measures in a bid to boost growth. Could they have made a bigger impact if they had announced the measures on the same day?

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  1. at top finance&political manager level is only a problem of understanding or is a problem of willingness ?
    and if 2° case: why ? what interest ?

  2. “Did Central Banks Blow It by Not Coordinating Stimulus?” I’ll just translate the word “stimulus” there. It means “offering loads of cheap money to potential borrowers, who won’t borrow beause the demand isn’t there to support such borrowing”.

    For futher clarification, Google the phrase “push on a piece of string”.

  3. . Could they have made a bigger impact if they had announced the measures on the same day?

    So it’s not what’s actually done that counts, it’s the perception, the “impact”, that’s meaningful.

    1. @chuck martel,

      Often times perception is reality. It works like a placebo. If enough people believe it, it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. MMT is trying to bring about a paradigm shift, but it is up against a prevailing zeitgeist that interprets the world in a different way.

    1. @Walid M,

      if Global Bank Affairs gain if a Financial Instrument go up then this will go up even if the underling fundamental are bad..
      and vice versa.. now they have stockpiling some commodity with liquindity of Central Bank.. and on medium term the price will go up with some fake reason or another.. this is the real market.. not the market movers that we read even on the specialized media..

    2. the larger companies that we call ‘stocks’ are the survivors- the ones that can make a buck in this kind of environment.
      all they need is a bit of top line growth, wages under control, and higher p/e’s due to lower discount rates

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