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April 29, 2014

CONTACT: Maggie Harrell


St. Thomas, Virgin Islands – Today, U.S. Virgin Islands Gubernatorial candidate Soraya Diase Coffelt announced that she has selected Warren Mosler as her running mate for the position of Lieutenant Governor. Mosler, a renowned financial professional and 11 year resident of St. Croix, is also an independent and has previously run for Delegate to Congress.

Diase Coffelt made the following statement regarding her selection:

“My vision for the Virgin Islands is to develop it into the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean. In order to bring about this economic growth and prosperity, I am seeking qualified and experienced people to join me. I am proud to announce that Warren Mosler has agreed to do so as my running mate. The Office of the Lieutenant Governor is responsible for very important financial issues, including banking, insurance, corporations and trademarks, and property taxes. Mosler is well qualified to execute these duties and help me create a more prosperous future for all of us,” said Diase Coffelt.

“His 40 years of high level experience in financial markets and exemplary management of his investment fund, along with his global achievements in promoting progressive economic policies, have more than demonstrated his capabilities and qualifications for the office. Moreover, he is dedicated to the people of the Virgin Islands and is committed to working with me as a team to fight on behalf of the people, for a better Virgin Islands,” Diase Coffelt concluded.

“This is both a great honor and opportunity,” said Mosler. “Soraya Diase Coffelt has all of the professional qualifications and experience to serve as the next governor. In addition, her integrity and honesty combine to make her – by any measure – the superior candidate for Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Candidates Diase Coffelt and Mosler will be actively campaigning on all of the islands, reaching out to voters in each community to meet as many people as possible. They will also hold a variety of public events and meetings, as well as participate in forums and debates.