Commodities looking weak as well.

Always been a question as to whether the central bank’s tools can gradually deflate a property bubble or just facilitate a crash.

Shanghai Home Sales Fell to 5-Year Low Last Week on Tightening
China CPI to be around 3% in May, June: NDRC
China to Sell Five-Year Government Debt at 2.4%, Survey Shows
China’s Smaller Stocks Face ‘Major Correction’: Chart of Day

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  1. Warren,
    Off topic – sorry.
    The Tea Party supported Rand Paul and won the Rep primary in Kentucky. Not sure if he is a gold bug like his dad, but he said he will only vote for a balanced budget. Any thoughts? If you and Paul both get elected, I would love to be in the room when the two of you meet!
    Any new developments on your Senate run?

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