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Settling down a bit:

Better than expected:

Better than expected, lots of volatility, and anticipates existing home sales by a couple of months, which have flattened this year:


After three straight declines, the pending home sales index posts a gain and a strong one, at 1.5 percent in June data that signal a long needed bounce for final sales of existing homes. Regional data show little variation with the West leading in June and the Midwest trailing. Pending sales take a month or two to close which points to strength for existing home sales in July and August. The housing sector struggled through the Spring season but, with second-half acceleration driven by low mortgage rates and high employment levels, can still post a solid year.

So the Swiss National Bank bought hundreds of billions of $ worth of foreign currencies, paying for them with ‘new’ swiss franc balances on their own books, which are subject to a negative interest rate. That means the SNB is gradually removing those funds it used to buy its fx reserves. Nice trade!!!