Britcar British Endurance Championship, Brands Hatch Indy – Race Report

By Steve Wood

Mosler Magnificent

Paul White complemented Javier Morcillo’s dominant opening stint to take a convincing win in the Azteca/Strata 21 Mosler in the two-hour race on Saturday afternoon. Andy Schulz pulled every trick he knew to get the Ferrari 430 started by Paul Bailey into contention with the Mosler and finished 38 seconds down, two laps ahead of the Lee Mowle/George Murrells Ginetta G55.


No surprises here – It was the championship’s “big four” at the front, with Javier Morcillo posting 45.816 around half-way through the 45 laps that the Mosler managed during the 50–minute session, which indicated that there wasn’t much sitting around for the Spaniard and co-driver Paul White. Andy Schulz and Paul Bailey did 48 laps, but ended nearly half a second shy of pole in the SB-Race Engineering-run Ferrari 430, a little more than a tenth ahead the Optimum pairing of Mowle and Murrells, who did the same amount of lappery in the G55. Having to be content with fourth place after half of the distance, though, were Mike Millard and Ian Heward, the Flat Six Rapier SR2 being sidelined with alternator failure, though the team were hoping that a complete rebuild of the Nissan engine, which revealed an incorrectly machined cylinder head, might enhance their reliability.

The Team Tiger Mantis headed the Class 2 runners, Chris Beighton reporting that all was now well with the 13-year old machine that hadn’t been raced for several seasons, with the Motionsport Ferrari 458 of Simon Philips and Peter Storey three-quarters of a second adrift. But splitting them on the grid were the two fastest of the Class 3 contingent, the Bullrun Lotus Evora and the returning Orbital Sound Lotus Elise of Chris Headlam and Jamie Stanley, which had missed the opening three rounds. “We’ve changed just about everything on the car and you’ll see the improvement when we go out for qualifying” revealed Jamie Stanley earlier in the day, a point that wasn’t missed by Bullrun’s Richard Adams; “Class 3 is getting very strong and competitive now” he rued after qualifying, adding “The Webb’s BMW and then the Chevron and now we’ve got the Abra/Poole BMW, plus the Elise is in too – it’s going to be tougher now”.

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  1. I don’t understand why the median american can’t buy a mid engined mosler car?

    You keep talking about incentivizing people to do the best for public purpose that they can, why aren’t you making mid-engine mosler cars that the “people” can drive?

    From where I sit, only hedge fund managers who live in offshore tax havens can afford a mosler car. (the 1% that you yourself say is part of the financial system that is more trouble than it is worth

    Toyota had a nice mid-engined MR2 that was very economical, a working man could afford one.

    Where is the mosler car for the 99% and not just the 1%?

    1. Toyota already builds one better than I ever could. In any case I’m trying to sell the company. There are only 3 employees and no orders so I won’t get much for it.

      1. @WARREN MOSLER, Toyota builds one better?

        You are literally sitting down and letting the asian boyz do everything, imports are indeed a benefit! I had hoped that article you just posted about space funding was really meant to light a fire under the behinds of our country, that even though china may be able to do it cheaper and better, we shouldn’t stop TRYING to improve and innovate and lift all the people’s boats up in the rising tide, but your actions speak louder than your words, you can do better warren. You can TRY to innovate, expand, grow, research, build, etc, like this guy does:

        All that technology and knowledge you have gained on the racetrack that you could try to lever up into a people’s car.

        Elan could have taken your attitude, bah hambug, why try to compete, toyota will do one better, he said F THAT and took the bull by the horns, actions are louder than words. He could have said why try to innovate in the space sector, our government is cutting funding, china will do it better for cheaper, really Warren, you really surprise me sometimes, you have this big brain that says to get up and contribute to this world, but then you just say, bah hambug, let toyota do it, sad 🙁 ESM, sit down, let china take over, why even try, the money god Warren Mosler has spoken 😉

        Erickson, on a bet between you Vs the world, better to bet on the world, imports are a benefit, it is the unreasonable man that makes the world adapt to him, and in this world, Mosler has sat down and going to let someone else bring the future cars to the masses, he doesn’t want to compete.

        He is going to sell his baby that he is obviously very proud of, I can’t imagine musk giving up his baby, what happened warren? When did you give up on your dreams and pass them to toyota and elan? Begotka probably would have loved to bring a mid engine corvette to the masses and median joe 6 pack, I am crushed, on warren’s epitaph, “toyota can do it better, sit down, imports are a benefit”


        This guy wasn’t half the brain you are, but he got a car company off the ground in the USA, and a lot of people got a people’s car. I can’t believe that if you really really wanted it, you couldn’t do it better. What america has lost is too many people saying imports are a benefit and sitting on their butt, because the people they look up to, like you Warren, aren’t giving them enough inspiration. Toyota can do it better (sigh)

      3. @WARREN MOSLER,

        Warren – Before your sell the company, I have an idea for the next generation of Mosler autos….. something that I think may surprise you. Let’s chat.

  2. Cars are cages on wheels. Having them go nowhere faster is not much of an achievement. Americans have been persuaded to cede their individual mobility and don a carapace that keeps them safe. It’s not a matter of trading freedom for security. It’s a matter of being deceived about what liberty is.

    1. agreed!!!
      and then there’s that non intellectual/biological level at work cheering the ability to overcome gravity…
      in fact that may be the driving force of evolution, as per Pirsig’s ‘Lila.’

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