Total Black Friday sales down vs last year:

The Trump thing looks to be going to go from bad to worse. I understand that sometimes it makes sense to vote in the village idiot. But then you do have to deal with him being the President. It’s like having an 8 year old loud mouthed spoiled brat boy king without a regent. So my advice is to not get your hopes up too high for anything rational coming out of the oval office. Instead, look for the likes of the latest childish tweets and offhand statements:

Trump threatens to terminate US-Cuba deal if ‘Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal’

In Tweet Flurry, President-Elect Donald Trump Calls Election Recount Efforts ‘Sad’

Trump ‘furious’ over Kellyanne Conway comments on Sunday shows about Romney: Sources

Trump mocks Clinton for aiding in recount; without evidence, suggests vote fraud

WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald Trump spent Sunday ridiculing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign for joining a recount effort in Wisconsin, ending his day on Twitter by parroting a widely debunked conspiracy theory that her campaign benefited from massive voter fraud.

After two years of contractions at least for now things seem to have leveled off at the lower levels: