Is Norway Preparing for a European Bond Disaster?

By John Carney

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  1. Warren,

    I have to believe that you are one of the few people that really understand what is going on in the bond market AND are will to talk about it publicly. I have not read anything from anyone else that is even close to explaining what is really going on.


    1. @dan, Mr. Pink, Dan Loeb was playing around recently:

      the core premise is that the Troika will simply not allow Portugal to fail, and that downside on the bonds is limited… A thesis we have heard repeatedly before, most recently last week by Greylock and various other hedge funds, which said a long-Greek bond was the “trade of the year”, and a “no brainer.”

      Dan, I remember Rubin saying that LTCM and others were 100% confident that Russia would not be allowed to fall because they were a nuclear superpower, amazing how time and time again, smart people who are 100% certain keep being shown up..

  2. I don’t get it, Nigel Farage says national socialism and extremism is rising like germany in 1932 and we must break up the EU to save it, is that like the vietnam commander who said we must destroy the village to save it?

    Is it like the Anti-Abraham Lincoln, breaking up the union of states to save the USA?

  3. China’s Sovereign wealth fund (CIC, China Investment Corp) seems to join Norway. At least they stopped buying european govt debt, they said today.
    Looks like some serious portfolio shifting starts to heat up. More to come?

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