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  1. Given that the managers of our currency are employing these frauds to strangle the populations they are supposed to serve, their “innocence” is doubtful. That the perpetrators are not directly benefitting from the fraud merely means that they have adopted the strategies of mobsters.
    The 2012 Republican candidates have shown their hand. No longer ideologues, they are simply cons.

    1. @Monica Smith, Ergo, the Dems are OK? They’re the altruists that “care” about the poor and the downtrodden? In fact, I do remember Teddy Kennedy stopping by the house and dropping off a basket of potatoes once. But they weren’t his taters, he stole them out of the field of spuds of some geezer down the road.

  2. Warren,

    Is there anything new or different in Soft Currency Economics 2 (compared to what you have in your mandatory readings)

  3. If without children we will be out in 100 years, with current youth employment levels we will be out in 20…

  4. The Red type is not as vivid as the white. For us old guys you can slow it down a tad too. You’re presentation is directed at the choir not those who don’t know the hymns but need to learn quickly.

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