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Looks like our loss is going to be their gain due to our leaders being in this way over their heads.


Premier: China’s steady growth can help
China May Move to Revive Sagging Property Market, JPMorgan Says
China May Maintain Fast Growth Amid Crisis, Premier Wen Says
China Should Prepare for Dollar Fall, Securities Journal Says
UBS Cuts Economic Growth Forecast for Asia, China
China’s Retail Sales Rise During Week Holiday, China Daily Says

Premier: China’s steady growth can help

Oct 6. (China Daily) Maintaining “steady and fast” growth is the largest contribution China can make to help the world overcome the current financial crisis stemming from the United States, Premier Wen Jiabao said Sunday.

“It will be the biggest contribution to the world for a huge country with 1.3 billion people to maintain steady and fast growth in the long term,” Wen said during an inspection to the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.


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